How can I export resultdata?

You can export data for one or more end users. The easiest way to get the data is exporting from Easypiecy to a CSV. We also provide access to our API for you to integrate with your systems + the service Zapier that integrates with 2000+ applications.

How does sharing resultdata work?

You can share the results in these ways:

  • Through the Easypiecy API
  • Export a CSV from Easypiecy
  • Using the service Zapier

We also provide the option to share resultdata on a specific certification / course by providing a third party direct access by logging in on Easypiecy.


What parameters can be configured in the quiz?
  • Title or name of certificate
  • Attach Client or department you want to share the resultdata with
  • Should the user get a diploma or not after completion
  • Detailed Diploma description (HTML allowed)
  • Optional value (f ex. “employee no.”)
  • Amount of characters in optional value (min / max for user validation)
  • Choose date format
  • Choose certificate headline (“certificate”, “Online course”, “Diploma” etc.)
  • Choose certificate language
  • Upload logo (shown on end user screen + on diploma)
  • Shuffle slides, yes/no (so all end users will see different sorting)
  • Shuffle statements, yes/no
  • Fixed amount of slides (used with slide shuffle so you may have 20 videoclips but randomly the user will only see a fixed amount of video clips)
  • Allow users to download diploma, yes/no
  • Max. allowed tries to complete
  • Max. allowed time spent by the end user
  • Max. slide errors (how many times can the user answer wrong in one slide)
  • Max. users (if you want to limit how many times the certificate is valid)
  • Expiry date
  • Limit to specific users, yes/no
  • mobile numbers of users allowed to participate

(not all parameters are mandatory)

The certifications are divided into two specific types:

  1. The ongoing: It’s a link used on the fly, not locked to any specific users.
  2. The locked: Is locked to specific users and cannot be accessed by others.


Which resultdata will I get on the user?
  • Name of user
  • Start date
  • Optional value (f. ex. “employee no.”)
  • Attempts (how many times did the user go through the certification)
  • User status (pending, max. reached, passed)
  • Time the user spent so far

All data is GDPR compliant.

Resultdata can be accessed through our API, you can export a CSV or it can be viewed directly online with a login.