OEDS – Outbound E-learning Distribution System


We identify, quiz and validate knowledge from employees, partners and clients.

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When it’s just too important

Sometimes, misunderstanding information is simply not an option. The consequences can be life or death, or irreparable financial damage. You need to know with certainty that the information has been seen and understood!

simple, effective & flexible

We make sure the message reaches the right receiver and is understood!
Take a quick look at what sets us apart here:

✓ Two-Factor Authentication

We identify all users by their mobile phone number. Users confirm their identity with our unique mobile verification code.

✓ Simplified Content Sharing

Send your content with a single link – no need for user logins. Manage access by restricting it to certain mobile numbers, a set number of participants, or by setting an expiration date for the link.

✓ Comprehensive Evaluation

Set unique passing criteria for your e-learning course. Customize the time limit, number of attempts, and question randomization to ensure a comprehensive assessment.

✓ In-Depth Results Tracking

Gain insights from detailed results, including the ability to download diplomas, export data in CSV format, and share findings with partners via a convenient link.

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So Easy, Anyone Can Use It!

With its intuitive design and proven success with over 1 million users, the Easypiecylink™ platform makes it easy for everyone to stay on track. The certification process is accessible from any device and is designed to be seamless and hassle-free.


Easypiecylink™ in Action: Use Cases

Easypiecylink™ excels when you need to share knowledge beyond your organization, bypassing user registration and login without sacrificing secure content delivery.


Airport Anti Terror

Confirming that all employees across all organizations operating within the airport (including luggage professionals, retail, and restaurant staff) have successfully completed the Anti-Terrorism training.

Implementing two-factor authentication and stringent criteria for passing the training, such as random questions and a maximum error limit. Sharing training results with the security team.

First Aid Network

A first aid company has created a unique opportunity for businesses to resell their high-quality online materials for their blended learning courses.

The company offers a comprehensive licensing program that includes individual sales, reseller partnerships, and online sales capabilities. Resellers benefit from customizable branding, personalized diplomas, and a user-friendly system that handles administration and billing.

Compliance Websales

A lawyer specializing in GDPR and other EU laws is expanding his business. He’s creating high-quality online courses that include thorough testing.

Students who pass receive a certificate they can share directly on their LinkedIn CV. To sell the courses, he’s partnering with other companies online and using Easypiecylink™ to manage these partnerships.

Online Courses Ad Hoc

A blended learning provider specializing in crowd control and fire & evacuation training is streamlining their courses by incorporating online learning.

With a diverse client base of private and public organizations, they use Easypiecylink™ to sell content on a per-piece basis (e.g., limiting a link to 50 users) and offer customized branding with client logos on courses and certificates.

Would you like to know more?

Let’s determine if our organizations are a good fit. We’re available for a virtual meeting or can answer any questions you may have via email. Please feel free to reach out.



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Our prices start at €8 per user certification, with discounts available for bulk purchases.