Platform for Blended Learning

Platform for Blended Learning

E-learning with Tests,
Results Feedback
and Follow-up

Set up E-learning with your own branding. Send on a single link with minimal administration for you and your students.

Set up E-learning with your own branding. Send on a single link with minimal administration for you and your students.


Validate any knowledge from anyone

✓ Publish E-learning to any organization

Doesn’t require anything special from your clients – just click the link!

✓ Reduce course duration & save costly work hours

Using employee salary hours is a vital part of the course price.

✓ Identify opportunities for upselling

Analyze user results, create extra courses and push data-driven sales.

✓ Share result feedback with your clients

Clients or departments can get direct result feedback access or automate.

✓ Customize classes based on user results

Analyze user results and adapt teaching based on the E-learning results.

✓ Provide diplomas with individual branding

Insert your logo and your clients logo on E-learning and diploma.

✓ Optimize course content based on data

Result feedback can reveal enlightening details about the user perception.

✓ Make it accessible for everyone

Endusers need no download, no installation, no login information – no need for tech support.



First aid, security / personal safety, conflict management and more.

Type: Courses with high importance where the students is taught theory and practical exorcize.

Purpose: Avoid potentially dangerous or life-threatening situations.


➜ Validate knowledge before a practical class.

➜ Analyze student results before they arrive and adapt the teaching.

➜ Shorten the classroom duration by cutting out the theory (saving work hours).



Compliance (legal), critical equipment & production and more.

Type: Course with critical knowledge that must be understood & confirmed.

Purpose: Avoid potentially serious legal or financial consequences.

➜ Validate that the student understood the course.
➜ Provide the student with a diploma upon successful completion.
➜ Invite to follow-up classes based on the individual results (upsell).



Cybersecurity, GDPR, money laundering legislation and more

Type: Validate critical knowledge with larger audiences.

Purpose: Avoid potentially serious legal or financial consequences.


➜ Confirm the students identity and knowledge.

➜ Reach a larger audience at a lower price.

➜ Distribute on a simple link, through your web-shop or dealer / department network.

We have served over 1 million students since 2001.

” As a Scandinavian E-learning market leader in the driving school industry, I have acquired a deep understanding of the challenges involved in managing short-term students. Currently, most e-learning systems (LMS) are not designed for short-term or one-time students.

That is why I created Easypiecylink®. A system that is well-suited for independent professionals who sell courses, as well as organizations with high employee turnover. “

Philip SchönbaumCEO & Creator of Easypiecylink®

platform functions

Robot narration

Insert your photo or video content and we will automatically generate robot narration from your typed questions.


User validation

We use mobile numbers / SMS to validate the user identity and connect them to the system.


Advanced quiz

Create a simple quiz, randomize or evaluate each slide with a difference in importance (1-5 points).


Detailed results

Access, share, integrate (API) user result data. Analyze user segments, create enlightening statistics and automation flows.

Follow-up invites

Insert students into our calendar and automatically invite for refresh courses or follow up based on the result.


Virtual Reality

Publish immersive experiences in VR (360) and combine with quiz questions.


Setup your own branding (color, text, logo) on the diplomas and on the end user experience.

11 languages

Supported languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish.

blog articles

Constructing the optimal quiz

Constructing the optimal quiz

Quizzes can be made on many levels. But constructing an optimal professional quiz will require some well thought out planning and the right quiz-system.

Sell certification licenses through your network

Sell certification licenses through your network

If you’re contemplating to publish E-learning / certifications and sell your licenses through a network of dealers – then Easypiecylink® might be the platform you’ve been looking for!


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Price is calculated per student / certification. The more you consume the cheaper it gets (6- 12€ per student). No hidden fees or subscriptions.



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