Use audience result data to follow up

Making sure that your audience understands the topic 100% can be challenging! But with careful planning and follow ups it’s possible.


Author: Philip Schönbaum, Easypiecylink ApS – E-learning & testing specialist since 2001.

Categorize your content

Carefully categorizing your content is the foundation of an effective plan. If you have categorized every single part of the content, then you will have valuable data to work with! It’s especially powefull when working with blended learning.

An example of categorizing could be; an educational course about fruit. You will add the tags “apple”, “cherry”, “orange” etc. Each video or slide in the presentation should be tagged with one or more tags.


Create more detailed sub-courses

If you organize and plan ahead you can create a powerful plan. By setting up more elaborate and detailed add-on courses for each of your tags or categories it’s easy to follow up.

Although it’s more time consuming to divide your course into subsections it will pay off in the end. Making sure everyone understands your content in a large audience will require extra effort. It’s not necessary to create sub-courses for all tags but identifying the most important ones would be practical.


Follow up on your certifications

Analyze and follow up

Now all your audience has completed the course – most passed and some didn’t. Because you carefully categorized the content you can now see exactly when, where and who had a problem understanding. It’s simple but effective!

If a member of your audience answers a slide wrong, then the tags associated will pop up in your statistics. Now you will have the tools to segment your audience. Invite the segments of your audience to follow up courses or whatever activity that makes sense and you’re done!


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Constructing the optimal quiz

Constructing the optimal quiz

Quizzes can be made on many levels. But constructing an optimal professional quiz will require some well thought out planning and the right quiz-system.


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