Blended learning – a natural expansion

Use E-learning / certifications as a natural extension of your product and a tool to create more business opportunities.


Author: Philip Schönbaum, Easypiecylink ApS – E-learning & testing specialist since 2001.

Your business might never have been putting digital learning into the mix or you have created your digital version 1.0. In either case Easypiecylink® could be the tool you’ve been looking for or didn’t know you needed!

So let’s get straight into it – what can blended learning with Easypiecylink® do for you? Well, the bottomline is that it can give you access to new client segments and increase your business. By introducing a digital learning tool with your traditional class you can offer your client user result data – and this data is game changing!

Getting user result data may be your most important sales point. Here’s a short list of benefits that you can present for your clients:

✓ Upsell with follow up classes

Analyze the results on the Easypiecylink® platform and identify groups of users needing follow up classes.

✓ Share result data

Integrate user result data with your clients LMS / IT-systems on the Easypiecylink® platform. No technical skills needed.

✓ Create trust with White Label solution

Easily insert your clients logo and branding colors into the end user learning experience. Design the certificate / diploma to suit your client. Create recognition and trust among employees.

✓ Time- and moneysaver

This does not apply to all types of classes but some classes can be cut in half. You could demand that the theory has been passed before a practical class thus cutting the time.

upsell using result data

If you decide to join the E-learning revolution your business can potentially benefit tremendously. Let’s have a talk to see if Easypiecylink® matches your expectations!

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Constructing the optimal quiz

Constructing the optimal quiz

Quizzes can be made on many levels. But constructing an optimal professional quiz will require some well thought out planning and the right quiz-system.


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